Looking back on my career I guess most of my work has been with people and bringing about some kind of change with and for them. This has included improvements in a community, the quality of life for children and young people, and in more recent years working with older people.

I have always been struck by the resourcefulness and “ordinary wisdom” of the individuals I worked with over the years. People who have drawn upon their own experience to create solutions on their terms and achieved significant changes. These changes have not just been about their own lives, but also the lives of others, and often taken place despite considerable adversity.

I became interested in looking at different ways of approaching change, especially change as part of a transitional stage; people looking to their future triggered by a significant age on the horizon, changes in circumstances, health, career, relationships and personal growth. This in turn led me to find out more about coaching.


I like coaching because it provides a place to be taken seriously, nudged and urged to find one’s own answers rather than being told or advised. I don’t see it as a mystical or miraculous experience, but as taking practical steps to achieve some improvement using creativity and at times laughter. Coaching is about change - the emphasis is upon action, continuous and deliberate action.

We all come up against blocks and coaching can remove the mist of ambiguity to help understand what is trapping us and keeping us stuck. We often get distracted and coaching can help us focus and keep on track, making the changes to improve our lives in the way we want.