Coaching is about wanting something to be different and better, it’s not about solving problems or fixing people. Too often we get stuck in our thinking, friends may be supportive and tell us want they think we want to hear and we get advice overload. We rarely have the opportunity to focus on the changes we wish to make with the benefit of objective, constructive challenge by another person.

The purpose of coaching (whether it is Life, Executive or any other model) is to bring about a change, an improvement of some kind. You have to accept and believe that change is possible to achieve. A coach works with you to identify clearly what it is that you want to change, however you have to accept responsibility and commitment for taking the action needed. The coaching takes place through a series of meetings or telephone conversations during which a set of goals will be developed. These can relate to any area of life in which you want to achieve more and make a change.


My approach to coaching is based upon the six foundation principles developed by Management Futures Ltd. which apply to effective coachin:

1. The client is resourceful. He or she has not come to be ....“fixed” but has the ability to resolve their own situation.
2. The coach’s role is to spring loose the client’s
resourcefulness. It is not to give advice.
3. Coaching addresses the whole person past, present
....and future.
4. The client sets the agenda.
5. The coach and the client are equals. It is not a
....doctor/patient relationship.
6. Coaching is about change. Its purpose is to help the
....client become more effective.