9. "I first went to see Dave because I felt my life had got stuck, and had started to feel stale. I needed to open a door and get some fresh air in.

Life coaching revealed things that I didn’t know about myself, which was truly enlightening. Amongst other things, Dave gave me the confidence and practical skills to ask my boss for a pay rise. His support made me feel empowered.

Dave was flexible, trustworthy, professional and kind. I felt totally comfortable discussing problem areas in my life with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who comes up against a wall in their life."


10. “Coaching offered me the opportunity to talk honestly and openly about my job and working situation. With a lack of structured support in my organisation and even alongside any line management I received, I found it so helpful to be able to discuss professional issues with an objective voice in a structured way. I was able to realise the areas that needed to be changed and identify the best ways to go about making changes. Having this time to reflect on my working life and pick-apart the bits I was dissatisfied with allowed me to make positive changes and be much more comfortable and content in my job.”