6. "I decided to take up coaching sessions in my search for some direction in life. I was at a crucial point that change was imperative but was just not sure how to explore the possibilities and most importantly how to explore myself and what actually I really was gearing towards.

The coaching sessions were quite revealing as I came to look into aspects of my life that I never questioned before but were affecting my life and my decisions. I found that the discussions helped me give the answers to myself, acknowledge the underlying issues that were not helping me to move forward and empower me to deal with them gradually. Also they helped me to have a clear vision of where I want to be in life and how to achieve it, without being influenced by external factors in my
daily life.

I feel much happier and much more in control in my life and I will carry on with my sessions until I feel happy that I am achieving my goals in life and being self aware at the same time."


7. “I found our work together productive because it was so focused throughout. Our work together allowed to me to recognise barriers in my thinking which I had not noticed and which had perhaps been holding me back. For me the most important aspect was that our work together was always pragmatic and positive, and often left me thinking "Yeah, why not?" I did not know what to expect from life coaching but came away realising that I had all the answers whilst you were just showing me how to reach them.”

8. 'I approached Dave for coaching because I had a lot of stuff floating around in my head or more accurately lots of questions, did I want a new job, another baby or a family move to the States? I didn't know...During my first session with Dave I managed to pin down exactly what I wanted to focus on...after returning to work after maternity leave into a new job I was struggling to clarify my role and was lacking my old va va voom for work. Working with Dave helped me identify what was wrong and focus on the steps I needed to take to get my career mojo back'