4. “I grappled with a range of issues with Dave - different aspects of life I felt stuck over, and interestingly not only the areas I'd anticipated. Simply the initial process of reviewing the balance of life as a whole made me realise that some aspects were getting trampled on or ignored, so helped me work out how I wanted to use life coaching to shift that balance.

The process helped me pick apart whether to take the leap to move on from a job going nowhere; what I should aspire to next to ensure I didn't get stuck in the same ways elsewhere; and then how to remain upright when the new responsibilities seemed overwhelming. I've told Dave that I'd now consider coming back to him like visiting the dentist a couple of times a year - if I check in regularly I get to review and positively address issues before they get intractable and damaging - and so far I've got no fillings!”



5. “I started seeing Dave in the midst of intense indecision about my relationship with my wife: making a decision about our future was the initial focus of the sessions. However after several meetings, we identified that I needed to place this decision in context of other areas of dissatisfactions and to develop goals about these. This has set me up with a means to develop more broadly and not to let the ‘decision’ dominate. I came away with a clear plan, which has helped me make progress in many areas, which in turn is making a final decision more within grasp.

Dave’s approach is very much to identify and draw on your own strengths to address the issues you present, through listening very closely and making judicious use of reflecting or paraphrasing, while at times using more directive approaches and challenges.
He also uses a variety of methods and switches styles in a most positive way. I came away from the sessions feeling invigorated and have maintained the progress that was triggered.”