1. “I felt as if I had got stuck in a rut in my career and life more generally and needed to think about future direction.  Working with Dave helped me to clarify my personal and career goals and work through a strategy to achieve these. I found his style very facilitative and constructive. Even when I felt confused about my thinking and could see no logical way of moving forward he seemed to find innovative ways to break through this negative cycle and look at the problem from a different angle.”

2. "My husband and I started meeting with Dave because we wanted to explore the idea of starting a business together in order to spend more time together and with our children. He helped us cut through our various issues - joint and individual - around the desire for a change, and while we are not in business (yet), we are both taking practical steps toward a more contented fulfilling life."



3. “When I started meeting with Dave I believed I was a ‘hopeless case’. I was feeling totally overwhelmed with life and, due to work pressures, in a high state of anxiety. Having struggled for months I had ended up feeling alone, responsible for everything that was going wrong in the small organisation I managed - and my confidence was at rock bottom.

Dave’s coaching has helped me express my feelings and to focus on my values. Through his skilfull encouragement I have been able to look at strategies to prioritise and to take action. I now have ‘tools’ to help me achieve success. My confidence and energy are returning. I can now see things from a different perspective. Without Dave’s coaching I would not have been able to see a way forward to enjoying life again.”