PRACTicalities & fee structure      

Coaching sessions are typically 90 minutes. The frequency and total number of sessions varies a lot, depending on
the nature of the issues involved and your circumstances.

The coaching session itself is best held in a room which
does not have distractions and is reasonably quiet; a room at a work place is fine although it is preferable for it not to be a too familiar environment i.e. not in your own office.
We can hire rooms and I have used several venues in central London.

My coaching hours are 9.30 am–3.30 pm on weekdays with some exceptions by arrangement.

What you can expect?
• For there to be a relationship of trust and confidentiality.
• A clearly understood contract set out at the beginning of
..the coaching sessions.
• To be treated with dignity and respect.


Fee structure:
• There is no charge for an exploratory first session.
• An hour and a half face to face session (plus preparation
..and recording time) is £75.
• A telephone coaching session is £50.
• A series of six sessions pre-booked is £330.

I know that for some people these fees would be too high as a proportion of their income. I’m happy to work with a few people who pay what they can and contribute the balance in their time to an activity they choose. This is loosely based upon the notion of reciprocity and is the foundation principle of Timebanks.

(For further information:

Sessions are payable either by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer. I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.